Local Business SEO Services and Lead Generation On LinkedIn

lead generation using linkedin

Local Business SEO Services and Lead Generation On LinkedIn

Local Business SEO Services and Lead Generation On LinkedIn

Never has the phrase ‘the world has gotten smaller’ ever been truer.

Since the creation of the internet, the world really feels like it has gotten smaller. Especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business. As competition has become truly global, there’s even more reasons why local businesses need online marketing. Whether you are b2b or b2c, you need the right b2c marketing or the right b2b marketing.


But, unless your core business is marketing, you didn’t start your business to spend all your time chasing prospects and leads – did you?

lead generation on linkedin - Local Business SEO Services and Lead Generation On LinkedIn

So, why did you start your business? Maybe it was to design and sell your own product, make and sell your own product.  Perhaps the appeal of time and money freedom is your driver?


If you’re a local business and your offering products and services to local customers, how can you be seen or heard above all the other local business social media ‘noise’ we are all bombarded with every minute of every day?


Whether you are a b2b or a b2c business, you’ll always need to build contacts with other local businesses or local professionals.


Posting on Facebook, posting on twitter or posting on Instagram even, takes a lot of time and effort – if you’re going to do right, otherwise, you can burn a lot of money and time.


As an SME or startup, you’ll need to build a good network of contacts, some will be b2b suppliers, others could be your future wider team. The best place to do this online is; LinkedIn.


Making connections on LinkedIn: The lead generation on LinkedIN prospecting tool 


LinkedIn is a prospecting tool. A simple online search for using LinkedIn for prospecting will return literally millions of search results. If you filter by video, you’ll still have over 50,000 videos to choose from! If you are looking for linked in training, there’s lots of online courses on LinkedIn.


But, I doubt you plan on spending your evenings trawling through hours and hours of video or reading millions of articles. 


Or maybe you will?


Ask yourself, is that the best use of your time? Prospecting and marketing are essential for any business, startup, small or medium – even the global guys do it. No doubt you use an accountant or bookkeeper for your financials, maybe even a lawyer for all things legal – so why would you try to do your own marketing? You should be working on your business not in it.


But don’t take my word for it, here’s a couple of ways you can get started on LinkedIn, see how to increase your connections on LinkedIn and engage with potential leads;


Publishing Articles:

You may well have your own business website, you may or may not have a blog or article page on it. Well on LInkedIn you have the chance to create articles and engage with your connections in your network.


If you’re going to have success with your lead generation, heres some suggestions for you when creating a  LinkedIn Article:


  1. Use relevant keywords. If your full article will have it’s home on LinkedIn, the use of hashtags and keywords related to your article will help not only in ranking on LinkedIn, but also on the search engines. If you can, try to include keywords in the headline, subheadings, and the main body of your article. Make sure you know the difference between hashtags and keywords.
  2. Did you know the average attention span is 7 seconds? SEO companies in London and around the world, will tell you to keep the reader interested, so use relevant pictures and videos to break up the readers’ gaze.
  3. Lead generation marketing is a skill, make sure your article has value and is of interest to your preferred prospects. Don’t be all things to all people, you’ll end up with no engagement. The majority of LinkedIn users are looking for a new career or job, or are hiring, or are even networking—make sure your article is a good read and entertaining as well as informative.
  4. If you use other social media, remember to promote your post outside LinkedIn, too. Marketing with LinkedIn means you don’t just link to your article page. Give a summary or headline of the article, in your post, so that the readers know what they’ll discover when they get there.


JV’s on LinkedIn


Successful marketing on LinkedIn for b2b means you should establish JV’s with other businesses. How do joint ventures work on LinkedIn? 4 steps to a successful partnership;

  1. Look at your ideal customers’ e2e buying journey; look at what products and services your customers buy or use before, during, and after your offering. Also, look at what tasks you have to perform as a business to be able to acquire your customers and keep them. So, let’s say your in Real Estate, your principal business is a letting agency. It’s highly likely that your potential clients; both landlords and tenants, will need insurance. Landlords might need service and maintenance trades people, tenants might need a removal company to help with the move. You will need prospects for professional landlords, to do that you need lead generation marketing.
  2. Keep your Linkedin UK login and search for possible connections who are offering these products and services. Remember to connect with people who compliment your businesses, not your direct competition, You can use the Advanced Search feature on LinkedIn to find them.
  3. Connect! Be yourself, but be thoughtful and strategic with your approach when you do connect and begin to engage.
  4. Connect with like-minded people. After all, you might have a very long and successful business relationship with them, so you want to enjoy their company – right?


Now you know two strategies to start marketing with LinkedIn. I encourage you to at least have a try at these two strategies. I’d like to hear from you on how it goes. I would suggest you take a look at some LinkedIn training, there are courses on lead generation on LinkedIn all over the internet. 


As a lead generation strategy, using LinkedIn can be highly effective – when done correctly. At the time of writing, LinkedIn continues to be both underutilized and misunderstood. Many businesses and professionals have the misconception that the LinkedIn platform only allows users to contact people they already know. Many career people use it simply to post an updated CV or to connect with existing colleagues. So many professionals and SME businesses ignore the lead generation potential completely.


Local SEO services


Did you know that 86% of customers use search engines to find local businesses?

Did you also know that 76% of local searches result in a call.

You know what that means – right? Local searches lead to local sales.


If you do nothing else with your online marketing…….




Okay Peter, what’s local SEO anyway and how does it help my business?

Local SEO is a proven strategy that markets your business online. It helps you to promote your goods and services to local prospects and potential customers just at the time when they are searching for it. Our site is a perfect example, it’s likely that you found our website by searching: ‘Lead Generation and SEO agency in London’.

lead generation using linkedin 1024x963 - Local Business SEO Services and Lead Generation On LinkedInAt the time of publishing, millions of potential clients and customers use local search every day to find businesses that offer the goods and services they are looking for, close to where they are.


You could be the best Real Estate Agency in London, but if you don’t have local SEO, you are potentially losing not only income but actually the opportunity to grow your business much faster.  


Without getting too technical, local SEO simply communicates the local relevance of your site to the search engines. To be effective in local SEO company you need to understand the algorithms, use tools, techniques and strategies to optimise your local presence online. You’ll also need to register with search engines so that they can recognise and associate your business to the location services.


Local SEO marketing will take your website – and the individual pages, and generate traffic from location-based searches. As more and more people now use mobiles when browsing online, on the move searching has made local optimization an ever more important focus for pretty much any business, but especially important for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores or offices. Just suppose a potential tenant or buyer has taken the day to visit properties, s/he has a spare couple of hours between viewings; ‘I know’ they say, ‘let me see if there’s anyone I haven’t caught up with yet’ and so s/he does a quick mobile search; ‘Hey Siri, show me a list of Estate Agents in Central London’ and boom! There you are; page 1 of search results, s/he will definitely be calling you. Oh, but wait, you don’t have local SEO, you don’t show up in the local search results, too bad – you lost a potential buyer/tenant, vendor/landlord to the local competition that DO local SEO.


If you go it alone, local SEO marketing can take many hours over several weeks, even then you may not get it right. Also the algorithms change every so often and you need to be aware of these and make changes to stay on top. Do you really have the time or inclination to be doing this when you really want to be growing your business and serving your customers? I didn’t think so. Imagine calling your partner, after an already long day, saying ‘I’ll be home later dear, I just need to make some changes to the local search SEO and I’ll be home – but don’t wait up, I’ll grab a take-away on my way home’ Too many days and nights like that and you want need to be making that call, if you get me. No, much better to be going home early spending quality time with your loved ones, knowing someone has done all the heavy lifting for you. 


What’s the difference, can’t be that much of a deal right? The main difference between SEO and local SEO is the geography piece. Local SEO has a geographical element that makes the difference. Local SEO works like this; when a user searches for an industry/service/product and includes the location, the search engines; such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, now even Facebook, they know that the users search has local demand. The top search engines want to give the user exactly what they’re searching for. So any local business that has implemented local SEO will almost always show up at the top of the search results and certainly far ahead of businesses that haven’t.


If your business has a need for a local footprint, offering products or services that are specifically geared to a certain location, then local SEO is hugely important. It’s by far more important than organic or  ‘general SEO’. Why? Because showing up in a search for ‘letting agents’ in Liverpool, is going to be of very little use to you if you have an agency located only in Central London. Local SEO puts your business in front of the people in your area, looking for your services and that they can find and contact you quickly.



Hiring an agency with a deep understanding of how to generate qualified leads across channels can help you to generate more prospects and ultimately lead to more sales. An effective digital marketing company, such as ours for instance, will be able to generate leads at scale, whilst also focusing on the needs of your business it starts to scale up and grow.


Our local SEO services ensure that your business is seen by more of your local target customer base. As a local SEO services company, we use various tools, processes and strategies to improve your local presence online. Here at digiDEMANDZ we’ll work closely with you and your team to create a customised results-driven marketing strategy. All our marketing services are designed to drive qualified website traffic and leads to your business.


Through LinkedIn lead generation and local SEO services, we can help your business compete and grow so that you can continue to work on your business and do the things you started your own business to do more of. We’ll work in your business for you.


Don’t use your valuable time learning or trying to do your own local SEO or LinkedIn lead generation, let the experts help you. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and get your business to scale up and grow.

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