SEO is the glue that holds your digital marketing strategies together

SEO is the glue that holds your digital marketing strategies together

Competition on the internet is fierce, local competition on local searches is even more fierce. With this much competition online, no one can afford to be without a well optimised website to help with local SEO results.

When it comes to business listings it’s imperative the services of a local seo company or lead generation agency are hired. It’s not a question of can I afford to engage local seo agencies, but rather can I afford not to.

As a serious and committed business owner, you already know the answer.

Sites optimised with keywords and search queries have the best chance to rank high on search engine results. Hiring the expertise of a lead generation agency comes very handy when you want to grow faster.

Today, as we have such a fast paced lifestyle, people never look past page 1 of the search results, in fact many will contact the first business or business ‘above the fold’ (that’s before you have to scroll down, to you and me).

local seo agency london - SEO is the glue that holds your digital marketing strategies together

Imagine if you will, your Real Estate Agency in London is struggling with clients; not enough properties to market for sale and not enough potential buyers for those properties. What is causing this lack of demand in your services? This is London for goodness sake!

As your local Lead Generation and SEO agency in London, through the use of technical business services, we can support many parts of your business process, not just the marketing, but also helping with managing growth and scalability.

Think of this, you look outside your office window, your immediate competitor across from you is full of people, they are actually standing and waiting inline to be seen! Why the heck is that?

So you go online in a desperate attempt to see what’s going on. You check your competitors site. Nothing special on there. No special offers, no special events. Looks pretty much like yours, save some articles and videos that extol the virtues of living in the area.

Finally, after your third coffee and having searched for what seems like forever. It suddenly hits you.  You do a local search for Real Estate Agents … your eyes nearly pop out of your head! There, after the sponsored links, is your competitors site. You scroll down. No sign of your site. You’ve had your business and your site for twice as long as your competitors, surely that counts for something. But, it doesn’t.

You have no idea why, but then you wouldn’t. Your core business is estate agency.  You’re not an expert in internet searches and all that involves.

You realise you need local seo experts, preferably one who’s familiar with local seo services in London.

You get an audit from a local seo services company and it lists out all the areas of your site that are failing you.

Not only failing in local SEO, but across all organic searches. You’ve neglected your site for so long you may as well have been closed. Except for foot traffic, no one knows you exist.


If your a small or medium sized business owner, or you’re self employed, or you’re a start up. Chances are your first customers will be local to your brick and mortar premises, Even if they don’t live close by, you could be getting people through your door who are just passing by. But what if you could turn that trickle into a stampede?


Picture this, you open the shutters to your premises and flip the sign around to ‘OPEN’, you drag your A-board sign out and place it on the pavement outside, in the hope it will catch people’s attention and they come in to your business.


Now, let’s say, you see 2 or 3 new prospects come in to your business each day, just because you had the A-board displayed. Then you have an idea; what if I put up some signs around the area leading people to my business.

So you do and sure enough you get more people coming to your business than before, you ask them how they found you and they say, I saw a sign and I came here.


Right you think, where else could I put my signs up? Got it, you say, the train station, the bus station, the taxi rank, the supermarkets. Pretty soon you have people queuing inside your business premises waiting to talk to you. You’ve started a stampede.


Why have I told this story? Well pre-internet days, that’s pretty much how local businesses did their advertising. But now we have the internet, we even have the internet on our phones…. You know what that means? The era of digital marketing strategies!

People today literally walk around looking at their screens using peripheral vison and dumb luck to walk down the street. You could put an A-board and signs everywhere and almost no-one would see it. BUT put that same A-board ad on their phones…. well you know the rest.

Rubbish? I hazard a guess that the majority of people reading this article are doing this through their smartphones, chances are you are too. If you are, lift your head from the screen and have a look around you and see how many people are NOT looking at their phones, remember to come back and finish this article mind.


So what’s this got to do with SEO and lead generation and Digital Marketing strategies in general? In simple terms SEO, whether it’s global SEO or local SEO and lead generation through social media, are the modern equivalent of the A-board and running around the are sticking up signs. Or simply, your digital marketing strategy! 

digital marketing strategies in small business 1024x970 - SEO is the glue that holds your digital marketing strategies togetherIf you want to have at least a fighting chance of being successful in business today, whether that’s with a traditional brick and mortar type business or a business only hosted online, you have to have a website at the very least.

Your website is the front door to your business, only it’s online. If people (traffic) are going to find and you and become prospects and ultimately clients, you have to do stuff online that will put your business in front of your potential and existing clients. That stuff includes SEO and lead generation and your whole digital marketing strategies for your business. 

“On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.” – Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing

The good news is, by working closely with a local lead generation and seo agency in London, or with digiDEMANDZ, all these issues can be resolved.

Overtime as your site gets more hits and registrations. Better content and improved data and meta tags. Your site will move up the local seo rankings to the point you too will be ranking on page 1. And you will start getting leads from website traffic and social media! 

Now you’re back on track. Potential clients will find you and connect with you. As you build up your new leads your business will begin to grow. Again. 

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