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Co-founder and face of the company

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Co-Founder and serial entrepreneur,


Peter is an accomplished business owner, author, investor, mentor and management


He has many years (decades) of experience in traditional and online business models in London and Barcelona. Peter has helped small business startups and large established global corporations. As a business consultant, he has many businesses achieve their definition of growth. He continues to provide consulting services in lead generation and b2b or b2c companies and over time has grown his service offering to include digital business and marketing strategies for growth.



Any engagement that is undertaken has but one major goal; to
help business owners achieve major growth in revenue and customer acquisition through cutting edge digital services and





HO Client Marketing

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HO Client Marketing


Margaret has over 8 years digital marketing and Executive Management experience.


Her two core skills are lead generation using media buying and SEO (writing).

Her other skills include website development, business development, copywriting and hiring talent.

Margaret has worked with clients from the four corners of the globe and has delivered exceptional quality services resulting in targeted traffic and helping drive additional sales and revenue for clients.


She is a major influencer in the strategic direction of digiDemandz and uses these skills to support marketing strategies for our clients.




a lead generation and seo agency in London, Barcelona and Melbourne was formed as a direct result of enquiries from existing contacts and clients who needed digital strategies and services to grow their business.


Realising the opportunity, Peter co-founded the company with a partner who has many years of experience and knowledge in digital marketing, lead generation and SEO.


The company not only has in-house skills
and expertise, but has a large and growing network of experts that can be called upon to deliver services to help a business grow.

If you want the opportunity to see if we can work together, please contact us.

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